About Sara


When Sara Melone was asked as a young girl what she wanted to be when she grew up, her answer was always the same: "a mommy".

Ever since she could remember, she knew her destiny included motherhood. For a long time, that was all she thought she was meant to be. While dabbling in her passions of writing, art, photography, and birth work, she built a successful career in finance along with a thriving wellness business. While she loved her work, her heart was holding out for the space reserved for family.

When her family finally materialized, she was thrilled beyond measure.

She was also overwhelmed with post traumatic stress related to traumatic birth experiences, stricken with ill health due to lack of self-care, and teetering on the edge of depression while living in debt with little work-life balance.

Something had to change, stat.


There was also a distinct lacking of a wider, universal purpose beyond her limited roles within domesticity. She knew she had to make connection beyond the four walls of her living room, but struggled with the logistics of how to do that while also raising young children dependent on their mother.

Deep inside, a whispering had been stirred.

The challenges of birth and tests of motherhood had revealed to her a fire, a deeply rooted power she'd never before had to access. It surprised, frightened, and delighted her. She could see the ways she'd surrendered that power through the years, and knew she had to take back that power for good.

The spark ignited.


Returning to her roots, she began writing again, feverishly pouring out the ideas in her head. Nourishing her starving soul with photography, painting, and reiki healing, creative energy began to flow through her like a raging river once again.  

With the birth of each of her children, she birthed a new business, all of which centered around empowering women and mothers in the ways she sought herself.  Tapping into the creative wellspring within, and interconnecting these creational energies was exhilarating, addictive, and would become her life's work.

As a long time birth worker and survivor of traumatic birth, she is the founder of KissaBelly Birth Arts, an organization which seeks to provide education, support, and advocacy to improve birth and maternal wellness outcomes in the United States. Her company, Belly Baby Expo works to unite families with the providers and services they need to live enriching, holistically balanced lives.

As a speaker, author, healer, and teacher, Sara hosts workshops, seminars, and courses designed to teach others how to bravely discover their passions, boldly align with their blessings, and joyously live life to its fullest potential.

She's been on a unique journey: manifesting blessings, building businesses, toting babies along, and picking up a few extra passengers along the way. It hasn't always been easy, but it's always been worth it. She believes that life is all about the journey, and that if a rising tide lifts all boats, we need to lift each other up!

​Welcome aboard.