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Women are uniquely endowed with the power of creation by the very nature of our birthright as women. We are some of the most powerful, natural creators of all time, and yet we are often the first to forget our strength, to become bogged down in every day life. 

In Womanifest Miracles, we cast off the mantles of self-doubt and self-sabotage, and trade them in for self-actualization and self-reliance. We study the works of the great men and women throughout history, and we remind ourselves of the innate ability we possess to manifest everything we want in life. 

​No matter what your goals are, whether you have fully visualized the life you want or not, this course sets you on the path to discover your purpose, find your passion, connect with your truths, and smash all the blocks that have been holding you back.

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Women are strong. We are powerful. We are natural creators capable of manifesting great things.


We also need reminders of that sometimes!


The Womanifest Miracles Summit is a world-wide, online event designed to reach, teach, and remind women of their inherent power to envision, design, and materialize the life of their dreams. 


The Womanifest Miracles Summit brings you 30 video sessions led by spiritual mentors, coaches, authors, speakers,entrepreneurs and industry influencers who know what it means to manifest goals, rise above challenge, face adversity, and create a beautiful existence.


They can show you how, too!

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Motherhood may split our focus and force us to rearrange our priorities a little bit, but that doesn't mean we have to neglect our business, or ourselves!

If you're ready to shift a little focus back onto your own growth adn development AND grow a successful business all while you ALSO continue to nurture the growth of your little humans, this course is the place we learn to do just that.

From a simple idea, or even just the inkling of a passion you've been yearning to explore, this course allows you to take the plunge, and discover what your dream business really looks like.


We not only walk through the steps to build a successful business (that suits your needs as well as your customers'), but we create the branding, the websites, the copy, and the systems that set you up for success.

Network marketing gets a tough rap sometimes, but done properly, it can actually be an amazing way to build income, build community, and build your mindset all while you're building your dreams for a secure future.


This program is perfect for those who are ready to jump all in and learn from a pro in order to hit the ground running and do it right -- straight out of the gate.

We all learn a certain narrative around the subject of money. For some, that message becomes tainted by fears, worries, and insecurities interrupting the flow of abundance we are meant to have.

Fortunately, we are also endowed with the capacity for growth and change. When we know the blocks we're up against, we can learn how to shift our focus, flip the script, and start manifesting abundance!

This high-impact course teaches you how to live a life rich in abundance, unravel the misconceptions and contradictions around the subject of money, uncover and clear abundance blocks in order to claim our abundance.